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  • Coding Talk Show
    Welcome to the Coding Talk Show By DDSRY.This Podcast is for Beginners to Understand the Basic of Code.From, This Podcast, you will Learn the Basic Concept of Programming in the best and easy ...
    Ultimo aggiornamento: 60 weeks ago
  • Making Muppetland
    Royce and Brent discuss the creation of Muppetland, their Disney inspired Dark Ride.A five part series covering the ambitious undertaking of this Covid era ...
    Ultimo aggiornamento: 46 weeks ago
  • La minute du test by Bitoo
    La minute du test by Bitoo est le premier podcast français dédié au test logiciel. Il aborde la technique : code, automatisation, DevOps, tests mobiles, certifications et te révèle les ...
    Ultimo aggiornamento: 58 semaines
  • The AI Wizards Show
    Striving to have deep and interesting conversations on AI and all sorts of excitings things going from ...
    Ultimo aggiornamento: 57 weeks ago
  • The Infused Classroom Podcast
    Holly Clark and Tanya Avrith take you behind the scenes with leaders in education, give you insights into what's happening in classrooms around the globe and showcase online platforms that are ...
    Ultimo aggiornamento: 63 weeks ago