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Aviran's Music Place

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Chill On Air Vol 70 15.02.2020, 21:19
Chill On Air Vol 70

Chill On Air Vol 70<br /><br>Tracklist:<br /><br>01. Worakls;Eivör - Red Dressed<br /><br>02. Robag Wruhme, Sidsel Endresen, Bugge Wesseltoft - Nata Alma<br /><br>03. BOKKA - Secret Void<br /><br>04. A Man Called Adam - Barefoot in the Head (Fug Remix) <br /><br>05. J-Walk - Hip Hop Be Bop<br /><br>06. Jaakko Eino Kalevi - Hush Down<br /><br>07. Lou Vega - Miss You - Bossa & Piano Instrumental<br /><br>08. Rae & Christian - Still Here <br /><br>09. Soul Clap feat. Nick Monaco & Billy Nelson - Future 4 Love (Original Mix)<br /><br>10. Ambala - Calypso Beach (Andi Hanley Remix)<br /><br>11. Intended Immigration - Una Cartina<br /><br>12. Apparat - Arcadia<br /><br>13. Anna Homler, Steven Warwick - Nepenthe<br /><br>14. BAYNK - Settle (feat. Sinead Harnett)

A Psychill journey Pt. 08 13.02.2020, 15:20
A Psychill journey Pt. 08

A Psychill journey Pt. 08<br /><br>Tracklist:<br /><br>01. Hallucinogen - Solstice ("Warwick Bassmonkey" Mix)<br /><br>02. Entheogenic - Without Thought (Youth Remix)<br /><br>03. Capsula - The 9 <br /><br>04. Terra Nine - Du Soleil <br /><br>05. Argus - Misty Mountain <br /><br>06. Makyo - Shalale<br /><br>07. Androcell - Opium Swirl <br /><br>08. Entheogenic - Selkie <br /><br>09. Desert Dwellers - Breathing the Mysteries

Relaxing Chillout 11 12.02.2020, 22:19
Relaxing Chillout 11

Relaxing Chillout 11<br /><br>Tracklist:<br /><br>01. Ishq - Sundown<br /><br>02. Georgia - Bendires Trasher<br /><br>03. Equal Stones - A Fire Long Extinguished<br /><br>04. Christopher Willits - RELEASE<br /><br>05. All India Radio - By The Time I Get To Narita<br /><br>06. ISAN - From A Hundred<br /><br>07. Stereolab - Ulan Bator<br /><br>08. Chris Weeks - A Landscape, Divided<br /><br>09. Carbon Based Lifeforms - World Of Sleepers<br /><br>10. William Orbit - Sea Green<br /><br>11. BT - Slow Motion and Harmonics<br /><br>12. Alex Cortiz - And Rising (Original Mix)

Groove On Air Vol 128 10.02.2020, 20:24
Groove On Air Vol 128

Groove On Air Vol 128<br /><br>Tracklist:<br /><br>01. DJ Vadim; JMan; Lasai - Good Old Days<br /><br>02. Gentleman's Dub Club - Run<br /><br>03. Plaid - Nurula<br /><br>04. Childish Gambino - Have Some Love<br /><br>05. Thievery Corporation, Racquel Jones - Road Block (feat. Racquel Jones) (Thievery Remix)<br /><br>06. Chris Joss - Lost Track<br /><br>07. Sefi Zisling - DreamWalk (Official Video)<br /><br>08. Living Room - Nightflow<br /><br>09. Reykjavםkurdזtur - Blammblamm<br /><br>10. Jenova 7 - A Chill Breeze<br /><br>11. Kruder & Dorfmeister - The G-Stone Anthem (Urbs Masup)<br /><br>12. Pat Lok, Party Pupils - From the Back (feat. Dances with White Girls)<br /><br>13. Ancient Astronauts feat. Tippa Irie - All Of The Things You Do (Dreadful Riddim Instrumental)<br /><br>14. Mo' Horizons - Mo Space (Part 2) (feat. Tricky Pantrick)<br /><br>15. Alan Parsons Project - Pipeline (Rayko Edit)

World Beats Vol. 43 08.02.2020, 21:58
World Beats Vol. 43

World Beats Vol. 43<br /><br>Tracklist:<br /><br>01.Umoja, Louis Towers, Colombiafrica - Mama Africa (Umoja Long Guitar Remix) <br /><br>02. Kel Assouf - Fransa<br /><br>03. Sofiane Saidi, Mazalda - Bourkancom<br /><br>04. Abdel Ali Slimani (Arabic Groove) - Moi Et Tois<br /><br>05. Gypsy Hill feat. Besh o droM - Balaka<br /><br>06. Marcos Valle - É Você<br /><br>07. Desert Dwellers - Tala Odyssey (Drumspyder Remix)<br /><br>08. El Hijo de La Cumbia feat. La Dame Blanche - Che Revolution (feat. La Dame Blanche)<br /><br>09. Laroz Camel Rider ft. Amir Shahsar - Floating (Gulivert Remix)<br /><br>10. Skata Vibration - Onikoyi (Warrior King)<br /><br>11. Dancefloor Outlaws - Patron<br /><br>12. Imam Baildi Delinquent Habits MC Yinka - Busca Ritmo<br /><br>13. Palov, A.Angelides - Omkar's Journey (SUPERSAN Remix)

Ambient Sessions Vol 58. 05.02.2020, 21:12
Ambient Sessions Vol 58.

Ambient Sessions Vol 58.<br /><br>Tracklist:<br /><br>01. Desert Dwellers - Saraswati Ma<br /><br>02. Substructure - Firewere<br /><br>03. Sace x Loneliness - Whisper<br /><br>04. Blue Lunar Monkey - One Love<br /><br>05. Forest Swords - Hjurt<br /><br>06. ENTHEOGENIC - Timeless E.S.P. [OTT's New Wasserboxer mix]<br /><br>07. Soulalive - Heavenly Swimming<br /><br>08. Christopher Willits - Clear (Boreta Remix)<br /><br>09.3 Deya Dova - Footsteps In The Stars (Temple Step Project & DJ Dakini Remix)<br /><br>10. Little Chill - dren & Ambient - Better have My Radio<br /><br>11. The Cinematic Orchestra - The Workers of Art<br /><br>12. Ripperton - Lavaux

Naked House 02 03.02.2020, 21:41
Naked House 02

Naked House 02<br /><br>Tracklist:<br /><br>01. Fobee - Mirrors<br /><br>02. Eelke Kleijn - Mojo's Tale (Extended Mix)<br /><br>03. Wax Wings - Give It to Youcom<br /><br>04. Quantic - September Blues<br /><br>05. Autograf - Retrograde<br /><br>06. SNBRN - Motherload<br /><br>07. Bonobo - Linked<br /><br>08. Goldroom - U (feat. Chela)<br /><br>09. Kollektiv Ost - Exo<br /><br>10. Madeaux - I Want You<br /><br>11. Nenor ft. Natalie Wamba - Tike Ye Ya Kende MSTR<br /><br>12. Scott Diaz - Heartbreaker<br /><br>13. Noiseshaper, Jackie Deane - You Take Control

A Psychill journey Pt. 09 01.02.2020, 22:00
A Psychill journey Pt. 09

A Psychill journey Pt. 09<br /><br>Download:<br /><br>01. ELEA - Muladhara (Swann Remix)<br /><br>02. Doof - Sk2k<br /><br>03. Kaya Project - Smoke Signals<br /><br>04. Serkan Eles - Begin<br /><br>05. Doof - Baba, We Love Bud So<br /><br>06. Synkro - Protection<br /><br>07. Kadasarva - Patterns<br /><br>08. Ott - Roflcopter<br /><br>09. Entheogenic - Earth Song

Slow Motion Party Vol 34 23.01.2020, 15:14
Slow Motion Party Vol 34

Slow Motion Party Vol 34<br /><br>Tracklist:<br /><br>01. Koffee - Raggamuffin <br /><br>02. Poppy - Choke <br /><br>03. Manati - Whole Lotta Love<br /><br>04. spanish fly - Burning Down the House Feat Daz Dillinger<br /><br>05. Quantic - La Reflexión<br /><br>06. Dub Pistols - Turn Up Featuring<br /><br>07. Sweatson Klank - Low Moon<br /><br>08. Satin Jackets - Still Not Forgotten<br /><br>09. Umoja - Mo Fiya!<br /><br>10. Mr. Oizo - Ok Then<br /><br>11. Virgin Magnetic Material - Nasty Girl<br /><br>12. Matthew Dear - Modafinil Blues<br /><br>13. Inverse Cinematics - Seven By Seven (Dave Gato Baad Ass Tapas Remix)<br /><br>14. Morlack - Bogaaloo (original mix)<br /><br>15. the juju orchestra - what is hip? (mo'horizons latin mix)<br /><br>16. Chase, Status, Suku - Shut Up<br /><br>

Chill On Air Vol 69 20.01.2020, 22:56
Chill On Air Vol 69

Chill On Air Vol 69<br /><br>Tracklist:<br /><br>01. La Payara - Psicodelico Pez<br /><br>02. Sun Electric - O'Locco (Space Therapy)<br /><br>03. Afterlife - Warsaw<br /><br>04. The Orb - A Beautiful Day<br /><br>05. Gaudi - Sufani<br /><br>06. Jungle - The Heat<br /><br>07. Chroma Oscura - Glow Worm<br /><br>08. Zagar - Countdown<br /><br>09. Joey LaBeija, Nina Sky - dry your eyes<br /><br>10. re:jazz - Donaueschingen feat. Atradies (Swell Session Remake)<br /><br>11. Jean-Michel Jarre - Brick England (feat. Pet Shop Boys)<br /><br>12. Crooked Colours - Just Breathe<br /><br>13. Michael E - Space And Time