Il podcast della trasmissione Rockonti di Radio Popolare

Voglio la musica di Garcia! 24.06.2019, 02:00
Voglio la musica di Garcia!

Playlist: 1. Jerry Garcia - Eep Hour 2. Grateful Dead - Rosemary 3. Jerry Garcia - Love Scene 4. Jerry Garcia - Love Scene Improvisation 5. Grateful Dead - China Cat Sunflower 6. Grateful Dead - Epilogue 7. Grateful Dead - Dark Star

Noi due soli in ascensore 17.06.2019, 02:00
Noi due soli in ascensore

Paul Mc Cartney. Playlist: 1. Band on the run 2. Another day 3. Too many people 4. Dear friend 5. Uncle Albert_ Admiral Halsey 6. Ram on 7. Maybe I'm amazed 8. Wild life 9. Blackbird

Una chiacchierata con John Lennon 10.06.2019, 02:00
Una chiacchierata con John Lennon

Playlist: 1. I am the walrus 2. Tomorrow never knows 3. Because 4. Give peace a chance 5. Lucy in the sky with diamonds 6. Dear Prudence 7. Come together 8. Isolation 9. Power to the people 10. Working class hero 11. Dream 12. I want you (She's so heavy) 13. Across the universe 14. All you need is love 15. Oh my love

Amazing Grace 03.06.2019, 02:00
Amazing Grace

Playlist: 1. Jefferson Starship, Have you seen the stars tonight 2. Jefferson Airplane, Triad 3. Grace Slick, Jay 4. Kantner and Slick, Silver Spoon 5. Jefferson Airplane, When the earth moves again 6. Grace Slick, Theme from the movie_Manhole

Pronto? Sono Bob Dylan 20.05.2019, 02:00
Pronto? Sono Bob Dylan

Playlist: 1. Like a Rolling Stone 2. Jumpin'Jack Flash 3. Mr. Tambourine Man 4. It not for you 5. A hard rain's a gonna fall 6. It ain't me babe 7. Lay Lady Lay 8. Mr. Tambourine Man 9. The times they are a changin 10. Knockin'On Heaven's Door 11. Wigwam 12. Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash Girl from the North Country 13. Mr. Tambourine Man

Midnight in San Francisco 13.05.2019, 02:00
Midnight in San Francisco

Playlist: 1. Like a Rolling Stone (Spirit) 2. I want you cut (S. B. Hawkins) 3. North Country (Roy Harper) 4. Only a Hobo (Rod Stewart) 5. Heroin (Velvet Underground) 6. If I were a carpenter (Tim Hardin) 7. Not dark yet (Robyn Hitchcock) 8. Talkin' bout a revolution (Tracy Chapman) 9. Mr. Tambourine Man (Flowers of Hell) 10. It's raining (Peter, Paul and Mary)

On the rock again 06.05.2019, 02:00
On the rock again

Playlist: 1. Creedence C.R.- I Heard It Through The Grapevine..2.The Byrds - Wasn't Born To Follow..3. Neil Young - Down By The River..4. Jefferson Starship - Have You Seen The Stars Tonite..5. Bruce Springsteen - The Big Muddy..6. John Fahey - St. Louis Blues..7. Ry Cooder - Yellow Roses..8. Ben Harper - Well, Well, Well..9. Bill Frisell – Focus..10. Buffalo Springfield - Expecting to fly

L'eroe venuto dallo spazio 29.04.2019, 02:00
L'eroe venuto dallo spazio

David Bowie. Playlist: 1. Space Oddity 2. Slip away 3. Cat People (Putting out fire) 4. Life on Mars 5. I can't read 6. Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud 7. Rebel Rebel 8. Warszawa 9. Memory of a Free Festival

Dear Doctor 08.04.2019, 02:00
Dear Doctor

Playlist: 1. Sigla: Doot doot (Freur, album version) 2. No expectations 3. Dear Doctor 4. Factory girl 5. Mother’s little helper 6. Time is on my side 7. Play with fire 8. Paint it black 9. You can’t always get what you want 10. Sympathy for the devil 11. Gimme Shelter

Indiana Max alla ricerca del suono perduto 01.04.2019, 02:00
Indiana Max alla ricerca del suono perduto

Playlist: 1. Caravana (Digital Bend) 2. Far'the'Land (Le Perle du Desert) 3. Aisha (Khaled) 4. Little One (Jimi Hendrix) 5. Imaginary Traveler (Omar Faruk) 6. Bolero (Ravel) 7. New Rising Sun (Jimi Hendrix) 8. Burning of the Midnight Lamp (Jimi Hendrix)