The Matt and Joe Woodworking Fun Hour

The Matt and Joe Woodworking Fun Hour

An hour or so of woodworking fun with Matt and Joe.

011: Matt Flies Solo 06.07.2019, 02:41
011: Matt Flies Solo

Matt and Joe couldn’t make it work this week so Matt flys solo. Matt <br>answers random questions and talks about Slim McGinty.

010: Dovetails and Mistakes 21.06.2019, 13:58
010: Dovetails and Mistakes

In this episode Matt & Joe go over what goes into cutting dovetails - <br>Matt’s method, how Joe wasn’t ready with sharp tools to cut his. We also <br>touch on making mistakes and how to recover from them.

009: Rip n' Flip 07.06.2019, 15:05
009: Rip n' Flip

We discuss Matt and Joe’s cabinets and where they are in the build process. <br>We go a little further into detail on the Rip n’ Flip method we used for <br>Joe’s panels.

A Quick Announcement 23.05.2019, 13:33
A Quick Announcement

Matt and Joe will be live streaming on Friday May, 24.

008: Order of operations 10.05.2019, 13:00
008: Order of operations

Matt and Joe discuss the order of operations (sort of) and best practices <br>for moving along with our tea cabinets and what comes next.<br><br>Some other things we tackle:<br><br> * Listener questions we missed (sorry)<br><br> * A fine review of Matt’s book<br><br> * Stat of the podcast<br><br> * Three ways to know your a bad business person<br><br> * A joke about flies

007: Finally, Milling 26.04.2019, 13:36
007: Finally, Milling

Matt and Joe finally do the episode about milling. Joe and listeners ask <br>Matt questions about milling lumber.<br><br> * 3 things to know about Sycamore<br><br> * Stat of the podcast<br><br> * A special appearance from Fatty McGoo

006: Where do Pieces Come From 12.04.2019, 13:11
006: Where do Pieces Come From

We lied. No milling this week. Instead Joe and Matt discuss three of Matt’s <br>pieces. Matt’s design choices, why he chose to make them in the first place <br>and where they are now.<br><br> * Another random stat<br><br> * A bad joke<br><br> * Three more things about Randy Dingle!

005: Getting Wood (at the lumber yard) 29.03.2019, 12:21
005: Getting Wood (at the lumber yard)

This episode Matt & Joe discuss lumber selection and how to prep to go to <br>the yard. Matt explains buying what you need, don’t buy board feet.<br><br>- Dumb things we’ve done getting lumber<br>- Best deal we snagged while buying wood<br>- 3 things about Matt’s friend, Randy Dingle

004: Design with Phil Morley 15.03.2019, 12:08
004: Design with Phil Morley

We continue our conversation about design… this time with Phil Morley.<br><br>Design process, proportions, grain selection plus some things about Phil <br>you might not know.

003: Design 01.03.2019, 12:20
003: Design

We are going to design tea cabinets. In order to do so Matt answers Joe's <br>questions about design, where to start when designing, proportions and <br>influences.<br><br>Matt’s three things.<br><br>Worse jokes than last time.<br><br>Send in your lumber selection questions.